PSYCHOTHERAPY &

              COUNSELLING                     HYPNOTHERAPY





Who can we HELP
  • Anyone who feels they don’t fit;
  • Feels lost;
  • Unbalanced;
  • Suffering ill health or pain;
  • Suffering emotional issues;
  • Suffering depression, mania or grief;
  • Experiencing self sabotaging behavior;
  • Suffering addictive habits;
  • Suffering low levels of energy or fatigue;
  • Aggressive & hypo children;
  • Highly intuitive children & adults;
  • Suffering Post Traumatic Stress;
  • Anyone experiencing activity which is out of the ordinary.
HELP are Specialists in
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy;
  • Holistic Psychotherapy;
  • Art Therapy;
  • Release & relief programs for self-sabotaging behaviour & addictive habits;
  • Healing & calming relief for aggressive & hypo kids;
  • Couples counselling & therapy;
  • Healing through Energy Medicine & BIO-ENERGETICS;
  • Health, illness & emotional block clearing & re-balancing;
  • Quantum healing & Past Life Regression Therapy;
  • Soul Profiling;
  • Polarity Therapy;
  • Counselling and advice to highly intuitive adults & children;
  • EFT;
  • Pain management;
  • Behavioural, life and success coaching;
  • Higher consciousness learning & awareness programs;

Lecturing, workshops & more……..

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The Help Clinic


‘We are born into a society that spends more money on the maintenance of its cars and personal appearance than it does on its health, wellbeing and emotional 15balance’

We find ourselves in the 21st Century, where our lives are becoming busier each day. We are becoming more and more bogged down in this fast paced world where our stress levels are increasing, diet is worsening and our overall health and emotional balance is marred by bad habits, excessive stress, depressive states and emotional upheavals.

We, at The HELP Clinic, can assist you to re-gain your balance, restore your health and heal any emotional or physical blocks and traumas you may be experiencing via our many modes of therapy.


 Specialists in Psychotherapy & Counselling


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