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Who can we HELP
  • Anyone who feels they don’t fit;
  • Feels lost;
  • Unbalanced;
  • Suffering ill health or pain;
  • Suffering emotional issues;
  • Suffering depression, mania or grief;
  • Experiencing self sabotaging behavior;
  • Suffering addictive habits;
  • Suffering low levels of energy or fatigue;
  • Aggressive & hypo children;
  • Highly intuitive children & adults;
  • Suffering Post Traumatic Stress;
  • Anyone experiencing activity which is out of the ordinary.
HELP are Specialists in
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy;
  • Holistic Psychotherapy;
  • Art Therapy;
  • Release & relief programs for self-sabotaging behaviour & addictive habits;
  • Healing & calming relief for aggressive & hypo kids;
  • Couples counselling & therapy;
  • Healing through Energy Medicine & BIO-ENERGETICS;
  • Health, illness & emotional block clearing & re-balancing;
  • Quantum healing & Past Life Regression Therapy;
  • Soul Profiling;
  • Polarity Therapy;
  • Counselling and advice to highly intuitive adults & children;
  • EFT;
  • Pain management;
  • Behavioural, life and success coaching;
  • Higher consciousness learning & awareness programs;

Lecturing, workshops & more……..

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Welcome to HELP @ The Help Clinic
Address: High St, Fremantle WA
Website: www.thehelpclinic.com.au
Email: help@thehelpclinic.com.au
Open 7 days a week for your convenience and confidentiality.
Our amazing therapist, (a Dr of Psychology)  has an approach to your self-attunement, healing and counselling that is unique. It is a system that provides a foundation which ties together all the different aspects of mental, emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual systems – MIND, BODY & SOUL. ‘Bridging Objective Science With Inner Wisdom’, we are dedicated to the growth, healing and expansion of the human psyche.

De-Stress, Re-Vitalise, Balance, Clear & Heal – Transform yourself!

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