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Who can we HELP
  • Anyone who feels they don’t fit;
  • Feels lost;
  • Unbalanced;
  • Suffering ill health or pain;
  • Suffering emotional issues;
  • Suffering depression, mania or grief;
  • Experiencing self sabotaging behavior;
  • Suffering addictive habits;
  • Suffering low levels of energy or fatigue;
  • Aggressive & hypo children;
  • Highly intuitive children & adults;
  • Suffering Post Traumatic Stress;
  • Anyone experiencing activity which is out of the ordinary.
HELP are Specialists in
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy;
  • Holistic Psychotherapy;
  • Art Therapy;
  • Release & relief programs for self-sabotaging behaviour & addictive habits;
  • Healing & calming relief for aggressive & hypo kids;
  • Couples counselling & therapy;
  • Healing through Energy Medicine & BIO-ENERGETICS;
  • Health, illness & emotional block clearing & re-balancing;
  • Quantum healing & Past Life Regression Therapy;
  • Soul Profiling;
  • Polarity Therapy;
  • Counselling and advice to highly intuitive adults & children;
  • EFT;
  • Pain management;
  • Behavioural, life and success coaching;
  • Higher consciousness learning & awareness programs;

Lecturing, workshops & more……..

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Past Life Regression Therapy & Soul Profiling

4Do you wish to know your role in essence? Do you think an overview of your SOUL PURPOSE, SOUL LESSON & LIFE LESSON will assist you in this life? What would you say if we could provide you with an overview of all this and much more………………….and that’s even before we start the Past Life Regression Therapy session!

Our Therapist provides an extraordinarily comprehensive look at all facets and layers of you, she will explain in depth all manor of esoteric past life ‘bleed throughs’ you may be experiencing, your past life background and what, why and how you possibly could effect a greater flow and understanding of your situations in this life.

The Past Life Session itself, using the highly effective and sort after techniques by Dolores Cannon, consciously journeying back to 3 past lifetimes and beyond, this form of therapy (hypnotherapy) is both profound and therapeutic on many levels. This process uses clinical hypnotherapy by our qualified therapist (Ph.D). ‘Extraordinarily therapeutic and transformational. Ask for our comprehensive booklet and manual to read more about this remarkable procedure. “Profound beyond belief”.



1. You have strong aversions towards or against something which you cannot explain.

2. You find yourself in situations where the same things re-occur over and over again, without reason or resolve.

3. You appear to constantly self sabotage (drugs, alcohol, work, relationships etc).

4. You seek answers to issues that have proved to be a constant battle in your life and your feeling ‘lost’.

5. You have health issues that you have suffered for a long period of time, without resolve.

6. You find yourself stuck, blocked and depressed.

7. You suffer constant emotional or behavioral problems.

8. You are seeking rehabilitation from a past traumatic experience.

9. You seek relief from patterns of behavior that have continued to affect your life.

10. You have a habit you wish to cease, or

11. You simply seek explanations for ‘strange experiences’ you have had or the answers to life’s questions of who you really are.

Some people have tried traditional therapy over many sessions and did not quite feel they were gaining the maximum results or benefits. The difference with regression therapy is that we find two (2) sessions is all that is required to effect major results for the better. This therapy is quick, effective and the results are empowering and profound.


The purpose of this form of therapy is to allow anyone to find the cause of current blocks and eliminate any trauma they may have in their life. It enables re-framing and purges any unnecessary behaviors, alleviates health issues, emotional problems, and assists in eradicating problems from past trauma. Any form of inhibitor in one’s life, may be reviewed.


Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

It takes 2 sessions to complete. Whilst the first session takes approx 1 hr, this is where we initially determine the key factors that you would like to gain answers to or the areas you would like to focus on. The second session (possible 2hrs) being the regression session itself, attempts to unlock, reframe, HEAL & CLOSE the factors which affect you, or simply to answer life questions you have always wanted to know. (Who and what you really are and what your purpose is here at this time). This process uses clinical hypnotherapy by a qualified therapist who is conversant in transpersonal psychology. (Ph.D)


It allows patients to find the cause of their current blocks and eliminate conscious or subconscious trauma which may be affecting health, emotional or behavioural factors or traits.

Some people are able to identify and understand these blocks, why they affect the certain things they do, feel or experience…..Most do not, and require a little bit of help in order to retrieve the actual cause of the behaviour, trauma and distress they may be experiencing and facing in this life. Or quite simply, you may just want to find out a little more about ‘self’…….being you, and confirmation of your purpose in this life.

By simply accessing the subconscious mind we are able to reframe, unlock and purge the unnecessary issues you may be facing, in order to clear and move forward in your life providing profound insight into…….. ‘you’. It may appear a little less than traditional, and that’s exactly what it is, but does it work…….we will let you be the judge of that!


Regression is a non-traditional form of therapy which uses hypnosis as the key technique. Traditionally, people tend to stay away from something they don’t understand or have never tried before, however this is something once you have tried, realise how effective it is, easy and immediate the results can be, you will wish you had done it earlier.

Regression therapy was made famous by Dr Brian Weiss M.D a prominent Psychiatrist from the US who after 18 months of sessions with a particular patient was gaining minimum results ….until he initiated the regressive therapy technique …….and was astonished at the immediate results they achieved. His many books and highly successful practice now speak volumes for themselves. Since then, we have seen and heard of magnificent individuals such as Michael Newton Ph.D, Dolores Cannon & Robert Monroe who have raised the awareness of its remarkable benefits in establishing the truth of… ‘self’.

$495 for all sessions.  (We can also come to you!)

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